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We need more scans!

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Originally Posted by peo View Post
I noticed that there has been a lot of updates of the RECU site in
Is all of the RECU content available somewhere ? I see you mentioned "use the torrents", but these seems dead (at least for Amiga Format), which only leaves me with the option to risk of getting banned because I download the high qualite scans directly from the site, one by one, to be able to help to seed the torrents (have a slow upload speed, but can at least give away 20-50k/s, better than nothing)...

if you download one at a time, max 5 within 1 hour (I think it is), then you shouldn't have a problem. The antileech system works for files larger than 50 megs.. files smaller aren't tracked by the antileecher.

It seems the only torrent seeder left is blocked maybe from a firewall.
I cannot seed myself due to where I live at the present moment (this will change in the near future).
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