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Originally Posted by Barbadel View Post
I'm not sure if there is anyone still looking at this thread but let me first thank you guys for your interest in our game. As I've mentioned in an old post, King Ransom was a sequel to Wrath of the Demon made by myself and the rest of the Abstrax team. After 2 years of development, the game was unfortunately put on hold so the team could be assigned to some more pressing console projects. Regrettably, we never went back to complete it and after a few years, the Abstrax team split off so the whereabouts of the latest version of the game is very much uncertain. I possibly have some parts of the Amiga version sitting in a box in my basement but reviving that would for sure be time consuming and quite a challenging task...

Pierre Proulx
If you are still in the neighbourhood Pierre, would you mind considering going in your basement to look for the disks/hd ?

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