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Originally Posted by TuRRIcaNEd View Post
I'd always thought it was every 4px on OCS/ECS and every 2px on AGA (hence the original AB3D and Gloom, which took advantage of that). Please correct me if I've been labouring under a misapprehension!
The copper can load a palette register every 8 lo-res pixels. When you see "copper chunky" with a higher res, it's because multiple palette registers have been pre-loaded for that horizontal section and then a horizontal mask is used, which shows all the loaded colors in succession (e.g. 4 px col 1, 4 px col 2, 4 px col 3,etc). On AGA you can do some palette bank switching things to further enhance this.

The argument about using a faster copper to create e.g. 1px copper chunky is bullshit, because even if it was possible to fit in-between all the other dma cycles, it would eat so much bandwidth that the rest of the system would not be able to do anything..
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