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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
I agree with everything you wrote in this post but not everything in your previous post. It is illogical to assume that the current Cyclone 3 based Vampire line will or will not receive a 68k compatible FPU. Gunnar himself probably doesn't know at this point. It is logical to work on the SAGA before the FPU if a standalone FPGA board is planned soon. I thought it was more logical to work on a 68k compatible FPU before the SIMD unit but hardware guys know best. I thought it would be better to upgrade the Vampire to a Cyclone 5 and reduce the number of hardware variations and FPGA models needing tuning but hardware guys know best. People with business knowledge could probably help their business but hardware guys know best .
Yeah fair enough. Some very good points. My responses came from the fact that some here were making sweeping statements about a hardFPU never happening in the current lineup. Just trying to encourage others not to be so dogmatic and keep an open mind about what might lie in the future. It may or may not happen but lets wait and see. In the meantime lets have fun with what we've got.
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