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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
@idrougge; how "the hell" is it that you have the impression an accelerator is needed to play this game?
Let me restate that for you: Who the hell has a RAM expansion but no hard drive? Most RAM expansions on the A1200 also doubling as accelerators.

Originally Posted by DamienD
... Not everyone has a hard drive, be it in a real Amiga or emulated environment (or know how to set one up / create assigns / blah, blah, blah).
Actually, everyone who has 4 MB of extra RAM in his A1200 has a hard drive long before that. There's no point in having lots of RAM if you must fill it up using floppies.

There's no need to know how to set up a hard drive. You can buy one pre-installed. I think most people did that when they bought their first hard drive.

Originally Posted by DamienD
... Even if people do know how to do the above; some just prefer disk images because it's quick and easy (as weird a concept as it may seem to you idrougge).
And floppies are not quick. They're the slowest medium you can use on an Amiga. If you think of a disk image as quick, your Amiga must be really broken.

Originally Posted by DamienD
... These packages allow people without expert Amiga knowledge, GameBase Amiga users and other real Amiga users with Gotek USB hardware (and no hard drives) to be able to play these "HD only games" (yes, at the cost of RAM).
Clicking an icon is not expert Amiga knowledge, it's something people who use Windows and Macs do all day long. If you find clicking an icon difficult, chances are you're some kind of Unix luddite, in which case you'll manage using keyboard commands instead.

Originally Posted by DamienD
Anyway, each to their own really; I'm all about choice and making things easy for people who only know how to / can run disk images
Don't make things out to be what they aren't. If you think it's funny to shuffle things around on floppy disks and editing startup sequences (which, according to what you write above, must be seen as rocket science compared to using a hard disk), then feel free to go on with your hobby. But don't make it out as if you're helping anyone — your target audience of "massively expanded machine without a hard drive" just doesn't exist, and what people who can't extract an lha archive need is not an ADF, but basic help with extracting an archive. If the install script is bad, fix the script instead of going to lengths repackaging software in useless ways.
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