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This kind of post needs someone with that special gift of patience is my middle name

In this instance I would also assume that the A600 is unexpanded machine? So xcopy won't be able to copy the disk to memory in one go then copy back to a destination disk.

stratman79 I'm sorry but for the purpose of being more straight forward and allowing you to play 2 disk games more comfortably you are going to have to get an DF1 or an external drive if you prefer. I remember in the old days I'd have 4 floppies

someone set up an auto booting xcopy disk with a system-configuration files in devs: a few libs in libs: and perhaps a memory gathering command like add44k etc This does make xcopys display greyscale but hey, we don't need bells and whistles!


also, remember to install the disk so it boots


format blank disk
install disk (if you don't it won't boot by itself)
makedir c s devs libs
copy xcopy (and anything needed by this program to c and libs if needed)
copy add44k to c
copy setpatch (probably optional)
copy a typical system-configuration file to devs
copy the odd system lib needed to libs (I can't remember which ones it's been AGES!)
ed s/statup-sequence

setpatch >NIL: (optional)

press esc and then x

there ya go

compress upload to zone and then explain the other syntax regarding adf2disk etc

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