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Originally Posted by Akira
Just ask Pepsico. Inc.
But Pepsi Cola don't sound like Coca-Cola, the packaging (stuff you see) don't look like Coca-Cola and it certainly don't taste like Coca-Cola. Jim's Joca Jola was gonna look just like it, taste like it and sound like it. But I wasn't going to be buying up stocks of Coca-Cola and repackaging it. I was gonna make it from the ground up by using the usual ingredients of sugar, nitric acid, drain cleaner and stuff.

This Another World clone looks like Another World, plays like Another World. Therefor it infringes the copyright of Another World. In the United States "fair use" laws might allow someone who owns DOS original to rip their files to play this new version, but in most countries it would be considered copyright violation.

But ethically it is wrong to be freely distributing a rip-off/clone/clever open source version of a currently (or about to be) active game, unless you are dealing with mega-corporations.
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