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Originally Posted by Marchie View Post
Keen for that A2000 CPU socket adapter, any more info on these and where/how we get them?
I have the A2000 CPU slot adapter but don't use it.

Unless something has changed that I am not aware of the A2000 CPU slot adapter isn't really necessary. The V500 fits with a DKB Megachip just fine in the 68000 socket. Unless the A2000 CPU slot adapter has changed it actually is less convenient than just plugging the V500 into the 68000 slot since the HDMI cable aimed straight up and I couldn't close the case unless I found an HDMI cable with a shorter connector. The HDMI cable being under the drive/power supply rail may not be ideal for some people either but I prefer it.

The SD slot was easier to access. The biggest thing the V500 seemed a little more buggy before but I attribute that to my very tired and beaten up A2000.

Maybe it's more of a preference thing, some people want it in the proper CPU slot or there have been new developments that the unused pads on the CPU slot adapter have been populated with caps that make it run better than with the bare board.

Or if you are removing/reinstalling a lot it's easier with the CPU slot than with the 68000 socket.
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