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Hi turrican9,

See A1200 Hardware Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use high-density floppies with the A1200's normal disk drive?

A. Not reliably! The high-density disks need a stronger magnetic field from the disk heads to reliably write to them. A high-density drive does this automatically, but the A1200's double-density drive can't.

Writing high-density disks with a double-density drive will result in erratic operation of those disks.

They may work fine for hours, days, or weeks, only to fail when you need them most. Use double-density disks with Amiga double-density (880K) drives, like the one built into the A1200, or get an external or internal high-density Amiga drive."

So it's up to you.


Ive noticed that AmigaKit send software on HD Disks now.

Regards, Michael

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