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Take some neodymiums and wipe around the HD disk with those before writing, that way the DD write current doesn't have to fight against a pre-existing HD track that might be written with a different alignment and you'll probably get better results.

The difference in coercivity between 3.5" HD vs DD is a lot less severe than in 5.25", only around 720oe for HD and 650oe for DD, so it is much more probable that you can use HD media in a DD drive with success.

5.25" is different though, there you should never use HD media in a DD drive (such as the 1541). I have enough anecdotal evidence to support this, having dumped thousands of scene floppies in my time. 1541 written HD floppies are always full of errors these days, but real DDs read quite well even after all these years.
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