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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
Rule always was that if it's still sold or the copyright holder objcecta then NO otherwise YES. And with the status of Amithlon (c) then you should be fine to post just about anything. After all we have Amikit and AmigaSys

I'm trying a faster machine but it's hard when the Yahoo open group are all self centred unhelpful plonkers!!!!
I agree with you on both points:

-Can I (or any other) start posting (public) links to the whole lot? I'd like to.
(or indeed shove a .iso in the old ftp)

-I burned my bridges with the Amithlon.Open group many moons ago - I'm afraid I did one of those major-rant posts you can't really go back on...
...still the group's been around since the year dot so there's lots of useful tit-bits to find in 'stealth mode'.
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