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Originally Posted by sbeehre View Post
well i ended up changing to an IDE drive and its working now... just got to get all the drivers setup etc.
That's a shame, if not a surprise: As a general rule Amithlon won't boot at all if you're using SATA on a mobo it doesn't like, so I was kind-of hoping for you that you had a compatible one...

...still now you're up & running I sincerely hope you enjoy your 'Amithlon experience'...
...chuck anything you want @ your system, hell chuck everything @ it!

Once you've got the basics fully installed + stable take an image of your HD_install. Good for backup & it will take all the pain out of your installing Amithlon to other systems...'s something of a shame that Amithlon's status remains so ambiguous: Life for everyone would be SO MUCH simpler if I could just post an image of a pre-made HD_install...
...but then where would the masochistic pleasure come from then?

Hmmm, I bet alpyre could produce a truly amazing Amithlon setup if he was minded too... any of our nice mods feel they know enough of Amithlon's situation to render a ruling on all this?
My thanks.
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