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Hi guys,

I am also very glad that this topic and the interest in amithlon is very much alive especially as i had (as Charlie said long and rocky) and for me very painful road to go to get my amithlon working. But that was the price and i am enjoying it all the way now Thanks to Charlie and Alpyre again.

As i tried once among all of my other attempts to run amithlon on my desktop box i tried it also on my laptop. DualCore and Sata1 hdd but with one of just a few supported sata controllers and amithlon worked just great.
I gave up because of poor graphics, in vesa mode.

What i was thinking, is it somehow possible to inject the graphic card support? As one of the guys here mentioned we could have Gary's kernel source; and i have open source (via openchrome) graphic driver; Is there a way to compile the kernel to have accelerated graphic support?
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