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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
I'll try to make a list where i used 1/2 frame to stop blinking.
And i'll give you a fast way to test it.
Perhaps not today.
edited : jesus was a demomaker is just here :
The picture which blink is attached. it's displayed after 2 minutes. the picture is hires single mode.
If you need more exemples i'll give you the full list.. I think there is even 1 or 2 full games
Do not use KS 3.1. Use KS 3.0 or older.

KS 3.1 and program that takes over the display and tries to show interlaced mode without taking over the system: system fights back and switches back to non-laced, result is interlace mode that only shows even fields.

This is not the only program with this problem.
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