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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
The picture which blink is attached. it's displayed after 2 minutes. the picture is hires single mode.
If you need more exemples i'll give you the full list.. I think there is even 1 or 2 full games
I just ran this demo to test the image, and yes, there is flicker occurring that is unusual in that the even/odd lines of the image replace each other as opposed to being actually laced between each other, as they would on a CRT TV.

What do you mean by "single" mode, BTW?

In any case, I've seen this strong interlace effect before, in this prod here: - The slideshow consisting of raytraced objects and (sorry) exhibits this interlace issue, and I remember how it looked on my A1200 from the 1990s, and I was surprised how interlace could occur on a 320x256 screen (I think it was). I think the Jesus picture would look the same on real hardware, and as far as I can see, the flicker is purely by design.
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