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ClassicWB can be a little tricky to set up at first, and you need to use WinUAE. It's worth the effort though, because it comes bundled with heaps of good software. I'd recommend setting up two bootable partitions and installing ClassicWB on one and your own Workbench setup on the other, and then building it up yourself, choosing to boot into ClassicWB or your own setup at bootup time. I have uploaded a fully installed Workbench 3.1 archive to The Zone here on EAB if you'd like to download and quickly extract it to your drive.

I've also just uploaded my current setup from the A1200 I just started setting up with the DKB1202, it's a pretty big uncompressed LHA archive (for quick extraction on a real Amiga) so I've further Zipped it up. So download the Zip file onto a PC or something fast, extract the big LHA file from it and transfer it to your Amiga's hard drive somehow. Then just use LHA to extract the file to the root of the partition you wish to install it to with these commands, assuming the file is on "CF0:" (so change that to whichever partition you have the LHA file on, be it a Windows virtual partition or a hardfile, or sitting on a CF/SD card in the PCMCIA slot, or perhaps just on your internal Amiga drive once it's been transferred via TCP or something). Open a Shell and change the directory to the partition you wish to extract to. Then type this:

Lha -xa x CF0:Workbench3.1 (or DreamscapeNTSC depending on which of the two LHA files you're trying out)

Since the archive is uncompressed it should extract as fast as the files can be written to the drive. If you're interested in trying out this setup I'm working on, which is far from complete (I still intend on replacing and adding several programs and replacing all the icons once Rebel has finished the iconset) but totally usable and already optimized for your system, you can download it here:

I've already installed Links: The Challenge of Golf and the two extra courses that were released for the Amiga in the Games drawer on there for you. It was designed for OCS Amigas, so if you run it and the graphics are all garbled you'll need to boot up in Enhanced mode by selecting it in the Display Options in the Early Startup Control menu. This is the updated v.1.53 of Links which fixes a few things from the original release and adds joystick control, which is quite nice to use with a control pad. I've also put the updated and patched version of Sim City 2000 with the extra cities in there if you'd like to try it. I have compressed it before running it, so you will be asked to choose a screenmode and enter your name the first time you play it, as if you had freshly installed it yourself.

There's still more that needs to be done, but if you like the setup I can send you updates as we do them, we actually plan on releasing the whole thing as a new pack, like ClassicWB and AmigaSYS eventually, hopefully even by the end of the year, but we need testers and user input too.

Anyway, good luck and I hope you can get the files onto your Amiga's hard drive somehow.

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