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Heya, Kristin, is it? Nice to meet you, and welcome back to the community!

Nice choice of RAM card, I have one myself and I've been spending all month setting up a fresh new Workbench on a 4GB CF in the A1200 I have it installed in. I hope you have two 4MB SIMMs and not just one 8MB one, since that's the combination MagicMem needs to get the 5.5MB in PCMCIA-compatibility mode. I'll attach MagicMem to this post for you.

Rebel's 16 colour palette was designed with MagicTV in mind as well as a bunch of other things, so it's definitely compatible. It already has lower-contrast shades which helps reduce interlace flicker, so with MagicTV running as well it'll be pretty usable. I'd recommend trying out a LCD TV at some point if you can, many of them remove the flicker for a really solid Workbench display.

As for the TCP/IP stack, I have both AmiTCP 3.0b and MiamiDX both installed on my A1200 and use one or the other depending on what I need to do. Some programs and games won't work through AmiTCP, like TwinVNC and Dynamite, but for everything else like web browsing, IRC, MSN and email, AmiTCP is fine and uses less RAM. There's a helpful guide to help get you through the annoying installation process of AmiTCP 3.0b here: Installing and configuring MiamiDX is pretty straight-forward in comparison.

Depending on the release of AWeb you use, it can be alright and less compatible or crashy and slightly more compatible with some sites. I haven't looked too much into which version is the best one to use yet, but I know the one which Bloodwych included in ClassicWB runs pretty nicely on my A1200 with the DKB 1202. I still prefer IBrowse though, but as you suspect it's still in limbo regarding whether it will ever be for sale or in development again, but it's still worth using a half hour at a time if you can't get a key for it. I think you can still buy a legal copy of it if you buy AmigaOS 4 for classics, I think an unrestricted OEM version of IBrowse 2.4 is bundled with the OS. You can also get the final version of IBrowse 1.22 on AminetCD 24 (these CDs included great bonus programs and games that were never uploaded to Aminet or given away free anywhere else). It's also in The Zone here on EAB at the moment.

With today's cheap mass storage, I don't worry so much about filling a few SD cards with uncompressed music files which play beautifully on my Amiga, I use a cheap PCMCIA card reader and just swap between the albums I want. You can convert MP3s or rip CDs to WAV or Amiga's IFF/8SVX format and play them with a variety of programs which play spooling samples. I use SongPlayer myself, it has a nicely configurable MUI interface and supports a few different formats, as well as having the ability to output in a special 14bit output for the best possible quality (not that I notice much personally, but audiophiles probably appreciate the difference in clarity). You can also use Play16, HippoPlayer or EaglePlayer.

Here are some links anyway:

AmiTCP 3.0b -
MiamiDX Main -
MiamiDX GUI -
MiamiDX Keys -
IBrowse Demo -

MagicMem -

Good luck!
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