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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
How do you even tell the difference between DH0: and DH0: ?
It depends. Terms like DH0: can be DOS devices for specific hardware, like SER: for the serial port.

In which case, you can rename the disk, and yet still refer to it as

Label: or maybe "My label:" because it has spaces in the name. Or;-


because that's the DOS device handle. Assigns can remap any old label to any old DOS device or a different folder inside a disk style of DOS device.

Some Amiga hard drives are setup not to DH0: at all and just go "huh? Insert disk DH0: please" when you try to access them with that handle. If the HDF file is of such an Amiga hard drive system, expect problems with it working properly.

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
If ClassicWB uses hardcoded drive numbers, then don't use it. It's obviously made by someone with an MS-DOS background.
Well... expect it to operate a bit differently at the very least, true. Not using a utility because of the developers background is kind of like racism or sexism - very stereotypical, prejudiced, and unreasonable. It's the kind of comment I would have spouted a quarter century ago, but the war is over, MS-DOS isn't developed anymore / dead anyway, you can put the bayonets up now people.

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
AmigaDOS and its programs expect drive labels to be unique, or it doesn't know what you mean when you copy files from DH0: to DH0:
It can indeed be setup that way, ideally, but there is no real telling in advance how an HDF archive is supposed to work without tinkering if it doesn't startup properly. Making sure everything, files and hardware, can be accessed properly with assigns and other commands like Setpatch often has to be done in the startup-sequence to make some resource available prior to loading Workbench, and you are quite right to point out the issue. It's not very noob friendly, but it's very flexible and USEFUL when folks get their heads around it, and can tweak their ASSIGNs so that everything is where the OS can find them AND ALSO WHERE THEY THE USER CHOOSE THOSE RESOURCES TO BE. It's a freedom of choice issue, with responsibilities for the user but infinitely more freedom. Especially when it comes to adding some kinds of new techno hardware to an Amiga.

Microsoft just dump all their system files in one main directory called Windows, and scattered across rootdisks where people can't even see them, let along access them. Totally different approach, you're either a noob user and depend on the system, or the sytem just doesn't work until Microsoft patch it, usually pretty quickly. No middle ground. You depend on the OS supplier. For everything. Ditto Apple, but Apple are still making hardware, and LOTS of it. That's no bad thing, you can connect some items to an Amiga.

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