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Originally Posted by hooverphonique View Post
Maybe a bit OT, but is FS-UAE not treating the "hd0" directory as a harddrive?
It just puzzles me that from the FS-UAE windows appears, it takes around 8 secs for the 3.5" drive clicks to begin, then another 45+ secs for my 75Kb executable to load, which seems like a long time (A500 512K/512K config).
Ok, I was wrong. I took the vasm output as gospel:
code(acrx2):            1210 bytes
data(acrx1):           71762 bytes
data_c(adrw1):            96 bytes
bss_c(aurw1):          30720 bytes
But it turns out that my output executable is 362kB due to the vasm "-linedebug" option. I guess I need to find a way to disable debug symbol generation for data sections, because it bloats the executable and is probably not really useful.
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