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WinUAE 4.2.1 several Issues...

Hi there,

I bought AmigaOS4.1FE and AmigaForever with all needed ROMS.
First, I had serveral problems booting into PPC. Got puerple and green screens, that not moved, or they resulted in reboot.

The Checkbox for PPC Emulation were enabled, but clicking on it, made it disable until i changed emulated CPU. That must be a bug! Could not uncheck.

Shwitching between Options and restarting, makes UAE instable! After a while, i could not save the config anymore. When typing a configname and pressing SAVE, the configname disappears. Not possible to save the config.

After deleting all CACHE and config files from Config, and copy back a backup, i managed to start up the bootdisk of AmigaOS4.1. Booting took about 1 hour! With about 8mb Chip and 16MB Fastram.

When finnishing preparing the Harddisk(file) under AOS4.1 the System told me to reboot. After that, WINUAE sees the unformatted harddisk, and wont boot from the AOS4.1 BootDisk after PPC is started up.

PPC is taken 100% CPU time, but is not grabbing the CD of AOS4.1. Tried the CD as an ISO-Image and the real CD-Drive. The Boot disk-Image works fine! When rebooting

I made some failures, how to use WINUAE. But after beeing able to boot from the AOS4.1-bootdisk, and managed to partition a harddrive (File) under AOS4.1, i dont understand why it wouldnt start up again, because of seeing the unformatted harddrive!?

Watched alot of Youtube vids about it. But they all belong to an older version of WINUAE. Looks very easy, but it isnt!

WHY is the PPC emulation stucked, not booting from disk, when the harddrive(file) is prepped!?

My Laptop:
Core2Duo@1,8GHz 32Bit, 3Gig of RAM
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