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If you explain what it is you are trying to do then we'll be able to help.

What are the windows softwares you use to copy amiga cds that have either mode1 or mode 1 form 2.
Erm all of them?? I've used lots of different bits of software to copy Amiga CD's. Nero (, DiskJuggler(4.60.1214), Alcohol 120%(, CloneCD( etc. etc. and they all work. They just duplicate the raw data on the disc regardless.

FYI PSOne titles are (all?) mixed mode CD's (data+CD-audio) so anything which copies those disks will work fine.

Originally Posted by exoticaga View Post
Do you think testing is needed to find the best windows iso making software. For amiga rockridge mode 1 or mode 1 form 2 cds to ensure perfect 1:1 copies each time ?
No. Any mature CD/DVD burning software will work fine.

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