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WHDLoad demos/games do not work on SFS; FFS is OK

Hello all

I have just noted another veeeery strange phenomenon.

I have an a1200 with 8MB fastram, and a 8GB CF card.

I have partitioned it with a 1GB FFS partition and the rest is a big SFS partition.
I have patched scsi.device to support big HDDs.

In the other thread you can read that I need to reboot to get into classicWB. (after first boot I am at the insert disk screen, after amiga-amiga-ctrl classicWB boots up fine (also on all subsequent reboots)

Now I copied some demos to the FFS partition.
Everything works perfectly.

I copied over the demos to the SFS partition.
Shortly after starting them, I get errors. (Exception illegal instruction, error during resload_relocate, exception line 1111 emulator $2c ....)

When I copy the file over to FFS it works without problems.
(so the data on SFS was unaltered)

Any idea what I could do??
At the moment the whole 7GB SFS partition is unusable for WHDload (
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