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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
It's probably because the Saturn has more high quality games, while PS1 has stuff like X2, Philosoma, Shooter: Space Shot, that piss-poor port of Soukyugrentai and Stahlfeder .

Thought the Saturn has Terra Cresta 3D and Steam Hearts.... while the PS1 has Zanac Neo, Gradius Gaiden, Einhander....


I don't know.
Whilst there are some stinkers on PS1, 30 of those 56 are multi-format games (24 same as on Saturn) so its not like its missing some great titles, i just think the Saturn has been hyped as a 2D powerhouse (rightfully so) and most 2D PS1 games get forgotten about.

Some are well worth checking out too, some of the pixelart is stunning on the obscure Japanese stuff!
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