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PC Engine.

Next Question?

Seriously speaking though, PC Engine/TG16 followed by Mega Drive and then SNES for me.

PC Engine has amazing shooters like Blazing Lazers, Gate of Thunder/Lords of Thunder, Air Zonk, Seirei Senshi Spriggan superb ports of R-Type, Salamander, Parodius, and even those which are middle tier are still great like Star Parodier and Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire....

Mega Drive has many classics, like Thunder Force II and III (IV is OK, but has an amazing soundtrack), Gynoug and many others.

SNES has Pop 'n Twinbee which I really really love.

I am well aware the PS2 has some amazing shooters e.g. Gradius V, but I only own a couple including Twinkle Star Sprites 'La Petite Princesse', and a few for PSX like the Parodius and Pop n Twinbee ports, and Raiden Project which also rocks.

The Amiga shooters I like are Apidya, Hybris and Battle Squadron. I also have some time for Banshee. I never really got on with games like SWIV and Agony, and I find Project X to be the most average shmup in shmupland.
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