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Originally Posted by d4rk3lf View Post
When I was first started to play with all these stuff, it was a lots of fun, for me.
Tat is why I don't like, for instance, Gotek solutions.
Where's the fun without workbench?

Not sure what's going on there with these tutorials, and I am not sure why it asks for the blank floppy. Installation should be pretty much straight-forward.
For example, in winuae I made a 2 presets, one for A1200 and one for A500, and I made them both HD (2 directories on my PC), and for both I installed Workbench 3.1, and WHDLoad.

You can do the same on your PC for A1200 (since you have that), just instead of using directory, you can use your CF card (but you can practice also on directory).
Basically this is how it work:
- Start Winuae and choose A1200 preset.
- In HD/CD options for HD choose either directory on PC (for practice), or your CF card
- Download Workbench 3.1 installation as adf, and put first floppy in DF0 (in floppy menu)
- Start emulation, and Workbech 3.1 should be loaded from that virtual floppy
- Start installation, and just follow the instruction (you only need to care where it is going to be installed (on your CF card).
- When installation asks you for another WB disk, Press F12, go to floppy, change the disk, and proceed.

And that's it. WB is installed... now all you need is to install WHDLoad, and you're good to go.

After you install WHDload, download bunch of games, just copy them to your CF card, and play them (they are already installed)
So I followed this tutorial today [ Show youtube player ] (and even though the person makes some mistakes that you actually need to keep watching in order for her to tell you what to do to correct them) it has actually gotten me to the point where I have installed it all correctly, updated the file system to work good with large CF cards and also WHD load. The youtuber has also provided a tonne of games demos and all kinds of other stuff which is excellent as it means (as I type this actually) when I plug in my CF card next time to the Amiga 1200 a lot of stuff will already be set up for me. I probably have a lot of the games already thanks to buying a DVD years ago with WINUAE and games copied on it but I am sure there is stuff in there I don't have and also saves me a bit of trouble putting them on there at a later date.

I believe this has left me at a cross roads now where I just need to wait on my ACA1230n @40 to provide me with all that extra ram and of course processing power. Tempted to try and run a whd load game anyways on the stock machine just to see what happens!
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