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CF adapter back plate kit installed, and tested with the CF card. Seems to be working. Although I don't know if my mouse is working or not, isn't responding and I've no other way of testing. I had to use amiga key and arrow keys to get about. I need to follow last video of tutorial apparently to properly finish setting up my CF card. At least it works though and the adapter install went according to plan. It was a bit hairy at time, for example I couldn't get the keyboard ribbon back in to its place on the mother board and also when I was putting the rf shield back on I though everything was secured to the bottom of the amiga case. Of course it wasn't and the whole mother board and rf shield fell out from about 10-12inches height to the ground. I'm amazed I didn't ruin the computer. It appears I'm missing screws securing the mother board to the case so I think someone has be inside my Amiga somewhere along its lifespan. Anyways I got it back together and feel a lot more comfortable inside there now, removed the floppy drive no problem and reconnected without issue, so that bodes well for recapping.
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