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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
This is going off-topic, but I am very frustrated for having never finished The Chaos Engine. Reached World 4-4 so many times but that homing energy balls always get me.

I've finished a fair load of arcade games on Amiga without cheating... all 3 Turrican games, Jim Power, Speedball 2, Brutal Sports Football, Yo! Joe!, Parasol Stars, Lotus 3, Super Cars 2, Nitro, Chuck Rock, Road Rash, Darkman, Prime Mover, Indy Heat, Global Gladiators ...

If I did it, you can do it too. At least those are some you could try out

Yo! Joe! is a very nice game and *incredibly* easy, I remember I finished it on my first try. Nitro is also a very good game that's very easy to beat.
HAHA totally way off topic! But if I split the thread up now it would fragment into about 3-4 others and that would get complicated.

Never played the Turrican games, or Jim Power, Chuck Rock, Darkman, Primemover or global gladiators. Used to like Speedball 1 and 2 back in the day but don't remember getting too far in them. Think I completed Lotus Turbo 2 and Jaguar XJ220 games legit without cheats.

Ok I could give Nitro a go and Yo Joe. Never played either.

Games I did play, Naughty Ones, Bubba n Stix, BC Kid, Virocop, Ruff n Tumble, Deluxe Pacman, Alien 3, Cannon Fodder, Sensible Soccer, Super Cars...…………….jeez the list goes on. So I really intend to pickup on those games as well as check out a billion others I never played. Oh Putty I used to play as well and Flood (which keeps crashing in FSUAE for some reason).

Currently my CF IDE backplate and adapter kit has arrived. And I have successfully installed a virtual workbench in WINUAE and from this then made a 60gb MicroSD Workbench and then tonight a 8gb CF workbench which are both ready to plug into a real Amiga and boot according to the tutorial I have been following. I guess as soon as I get the CF kit installed I can test out the CF card workbench. It's strange but when I was copying the contents from one Workbench (the virtual one) to the CF card, I was getting all kinda of errors including bad block errors and some other things. However on my third attempt after setting it back up again using workbench system tools and then formatting it allowed me to copy everything from System on to it without any issues. Hopefully it is fine to use in the future. I only used the MicroSD to practice on, but perhaps if I used an adapter to turn it into a CF card it would also boot up as a workbench if plugged into my A1200. Watch this space!
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