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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post

Ok, I will put it in the ToDo list for the next update.


I don't patch anything at all. I only provide a premade setup with extra programs, to work on Amigas. If the platform running is not an Amiga some weird things can occur on some circumstances.

The VampireV2 is currently implemented as a hack, it does not fix things, it just makes them faster and adds a couple of nice features such as RTG, network support, etc. It has a non compatible MMU, it does not anounce its cpu properly to the system, it does not AutoConfig, etc. It is a cool hack on great hardware nevertheless. If they make it more Amiga compatible BestWB should work out of the box.

Actually, there is a new version of WhichAmiga which correctly identifies the Vampire... Their '080 implementation doesn't need some of the "cpu fixes/patches" that users of '040 and '060's need to fix errata in the chips.

Not saying it's on you to "patch". Just saying if you can without too much hassle it would be cool to detect the Vampire and not install the stuff that can cause issues because the Vampire doesn't need it.
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