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This is going off-topic, but I am very frustrated for having never finished The Chaos Engine. Reached World 4-4 so many times but that homing energy balls always get me.

I've finished a fair load of arcade games on Amiga without cheating... all 3 Turrican games, Jim Power, Speedball 2, Brutal Sports Football, Yo! Joe!, Parasol Stars, Lotus 3, Super Cars 2, Nitro, Chuck Rock, Road Rash, Darkman, Prime Mover, Indy Heat, Global Gladiators ...

If I did it, you can do it too. At least those are some you could try out

Yo! Joe! is a very nice game and *incredibly* easy, I remember I finished it on my first try. Nitro is also a very good game that's very easy to beat.
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