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can anyone else confirm if they are able to disable the fpu or not in 2.9?

'vcontrol fp 0' disables the fpu fine in 2.8, but when i run it with 2.9 the fpu is still active and still shows up in sysinfo.

and... just in case its helpful to anyone else, i wrote a small program that i put in my user-startup that will check for an fpu, and if present will disable it. it will only work if vcontrol is somewhere in your path (ie, Workbench:C).

because of some fpu inaccuracies, i like to disable it by default and simply comment out the line in user-startup if i want to boot with the fpu enabled.

checkfpu -> returns 1 if fpu is detected, 0 if not
disablefpu -> checks for fpu and if detected runs 'vcontrol fp 0', does nothing if not detected
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