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Originally Posted by kamelito View Post
Are you kidding?
SuperFrog is far better, the gameplay is just perfect.
One of the Amiga's most overrated titles.
Gameplay is far from perfect, the character is uncontrollable, and level design is poor. They forcefully injected speed into it to "be like Sonic" with levels and gameplay elements that do NOT align with the speed the character can get. It turns the game into a pile of poop.
Sure, your frog can run fucking fast at 50FPS, but did it need to? Definitely not.
What's the use of speed if you can't, like in Sonic, run through a level at breakneck speeds because the level has been designed with speed in mind?

Fire & Ice is the more mature, better designed game, hands down. You can actually play and feel like you are in control, it has plenty of secrets to discover, exploration is well rewarded. The graphics and music are very cool too, while Superfrog looks bland and boring.
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