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Hi everyone and welcome to the May 2018 edition of the "Which Is Best?" series.

Last month I placed the two Amiga Chaos Engine games against asking you which in your minds was the better game and after counting all the votes I can now reveal the original Chaos Engine (suprise suprise) is the winner gaining 56 votes with Chaos Engine 2 receiving,...wait for it,....2 votes!
I don't think it's a case that Chaos 2 was a really bad game, I think it's more the fact that Chaos 1 was just a perfectly programmed game and set a bar so high that a sequel would always struggle to reach the same heights,...nonetheless it was a hammering!

This month I'm going to place the Amiga classics "Fire & Ice" and "Superfrog" games against each other, 2 great run and collect platformers, which game do you think is better?!,...only your votes will determine that

VOTING CLOSES 15th June 2018.

FIRE & FICE vs SUPERFROG VIDEO: [ Show youtube player ]
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