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Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
Yes and after my complaint, he kicked me out of his forum, without warning or explanation
So that is why your post "Needs Verification". I thought your question was well written and to the point without being offensive. It received a good answer from Gunnar with much needed clarification (good questions result in good answers). IMO, there is still a certain level of deception in the marketing by calling the CPU in the Vampire a 68080 instead of a 68LC080. Using "68080" looks like Motorola nomenclature which implies a full CPU with FPU and MMU (I believe there is a non-virtual simple MMU/MPU which is not 68k MMU compatible in the Vampire at least). Even the A-EON announcement mentions "68080". I don't think the "68080" marketing is illegal though as there is no requirement to match the Motorola marking system but I would think the businesses involved would want to avoid the confusion and shadiness of using a similar but different nomenclature.
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