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Originally Posted by TrashyMG View Post
Exactly that, the Apollo core has a long term goal that will hopefully lead to a true ASIC that could be clocked at a much higher clock speed. The Vampire which is handled by Majsta and Kipper just happen to use some portions of that core, what can be fit into the current FPGA (cyclone III). Gunnar is working on things that may not fit on the current Vampire boards, also nothing is stopping another company to use his core for other projects.
Now you did explain nothing at all.

That is all nice and good. But has absolutely nothing to to with the false statements on the page.

The "guestimation" is off by a factor of 12.5.

If I advertise a car with 125hp and after you bought it, it turns out it has only 10hp, I guess that is no big deal for you.
Ok: do you want to buy a car?

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