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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
Bought an 8GB CF with Cloanto 3.1 preinstalled from
My PC mangled the card somehow however and now it unrradable in WinUAE.
Legally, how do I reinstall 3.1? I never had any legal 3.1 disks, just 3.0 floppies and 3.1 ROM + 3.9 CD.
So how do I restore my CF card to 3.1, legally speaking?
Download WB3.1 ADFs online and install from them? Since you bought a license, I can't imagine anyone having any moral issues with this although it may not strictly be legal as such. I can guarantee that nobody will ever come after you if you do this.

Since you have the 3.9 CD, perhaps you could also just install that?
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