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New version here:

Grinding still possible (like some official games as I witnessed on official lotus 3) but a lot more things working.

In the menu, there's a description. I have added the 3 categories:

(NW): not working / to re-test
(U): untested
(OK): working

Good news: Global Gladiators / Cool Spot / Twiddy stuff working now.
Bad news: still lockups at start with Z-Out, Elfmania, ... but now I can (anyone can) investigate using debug mode/hrtmon.

Toni, you can use this image if you want to see what's going on with Cool Spot with those special steps:
(if you prefer a specific image let me know, but there you get a great games compilation and games to investigate on in the future )

1) keep LMB clicked during startup: an alternate menu will show up (amigaguide): quit it
2) will install HRTMon on quit
3) go to CoolSpot
4) type "cd32load coolspot.slave d"
5) when screens turns green press "\" or RMB
6) put breakpoints where you see NOP zones (HRTMon/CD32 enter bug workaround)
7) put breakpoints on JMP (A0)
8) continue until reaching slave start (shows "TRAP #0" at the top of hrtmon screen)
9) break around $17B898 (approx, depends on alloc) on JMP $1500.W instruction, continue
10) break on $AE7C (level 6 handler), notice the nice checkered screen shit
11) when reaching $1CEE (move #2000,SR), interrupt is activated. You can then inspect the contents of the CIA/Akiko registers

Runnning CoolSpot with MASKINT6 param allows to skip the problem.

I think the grinding can be investigated on on games like Double Dragon II. Just have HRTMon installed, and interrupt when grinding occurs - I had it during the start scoller (interrupts are on) -, and see what's going on with Psygore/RN code.

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