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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Hey, that's not cheating.
It's how you should have been taught to do it if you served an electronics apprenticeship like I did!
i dont have your qualifications, but i'm glad what i taught myself over the years is as it turns out, an official method

Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Edit: Either that, or you're just a natural!
naw, i had a year of lessons in year 10 of school, then dropped it for my final year, back in 1998. nothing since though

Originally Posted by prowler
I must admit I've only used flux paste for soldering copper pipe unions when I'm fixing up the plumbing with a blowtorch!
my pipe solders aren't anywhere near as pretty as my electronic ones and i have been known to use plumbing flux when i'm short of soldering flux paste.. still works the same, and not had any joints corrode from the "no clean" corrosive stuff you can get from Wickes but i wouldn't recommend it

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