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Matt's look at WoW and earlier MUDs and MMOs

Hi, guys, did something kinda wacky this week and plunged into the world of MMOs. I've got some footage here from Ultima Online, Everquest, Meridian 59, and two different MUDs (as well as WoW, of course). It's amazing that even these early games are still online (particularly M59, which I didn't realize had a similar feel to the later Might and Magic games, which I loved). I was also quite taken with Forgotten World, a remake of the famous Neverwinter Nights Online game that ran on AOL back in the 90s. It's also amazing (to me, at least) that WoW is now celebrating its 5th year anniversary--Blizzard builds games that stand the test of time.

At any rate, hope you enjoy the video. It's a two parter; the second part is a live recording of my friend Max and I playing the game and talking over Ventrilo.

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