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Originally Posted by Greyspirit View Post
This is just an informational.

I was working on translating a text game into arexx (ansi graphics) and was calculating screen locations to print next character. I screwed up and used wrong variable. Not sure what actual number ended up being but as near as I can tell, it was massively negative. Took 2-3 times of crashing WinUAE and restarting until I realized my math issue ( added 'trace r' and was using tco to see last step ran).

already fixed my script during the troubleshooting so I can't show what the exact equation was but just wanted to mention that it is possible to do.
I'm betting if the script was running on hardware, it would have been a guru meditation.

Winuae 4.1 / Amiga OS 3.5

As an aside, I used to love using the built-in AREXX program ports to communicate between programs/hardware to automate various things in my Amiga3/4k-Toaster systems, PAR cards and Sunrize 24bit audio cards--as well as hardware and software I can't even remember--good enough to use to automate local tape production for television in those days! What a blast--friends and colleagues were amazed to watch all of this stuff happening in "real time" (close enough) when they were used to their software freezing momentarily every time their IDE hard drives did a little seek & load in their strictly single-tasking OS environments. AREXX scripts and AREXX program/hardware integration did it all! Good memories--glad I saw your post! Such powerful tools I had back then--a decade ahead of anything else, at least, at the time. It was heady stuff.
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