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There's a place for both modern FPGA-Amigas as well as the classic ones. Even though I have a couple of Vampire-powered machines and really like them, I also like to use a 'real' Amiga with all its limitations. That also includes the feeling of using genuine floppy disks which is why I wouldn't replace any of the internal drives in my Amigas with floppy emulators. I have a Gotek in an external drive case that I can hook up to any of my Amigas and that takes care of the fact that I also don't want to use real floppies 100% of the time. A small amount of cheating is fine.

Although I don't use it as much as my real Amigas, I also like having WinUAE around. I use it mostly as a tool for maintenance and testing and it makes some of the boring stuff much easier and quicker to get through..

I also agree that having something that looks like an Amiga is a big part of the experience. For me, that is a wedge case with a keyboard integrated, ports in the back and a drive slot in the side. Since I never owned or even used big box Amigas, they feel more like PCs to me and does not hold the same nostalgic feeling (which is what this is all about).
If a standalone Vampire could be installed inside a real Amiga case and make it look and feel like a real Amiga, then I could probably see myself wanting one. Otherwise, I'd probably rather have the 1200 version since that will preserve the ports of the original MB (although the MB is degraded to not much more than a port replicator).

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