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I agree with Retrofan I have a MIST and it's fairly soulless experience in all honesty, you just don't get that same magical feeling of nostalgia in using it.

I think what developers need to do is make the experience of using a clone as close to the original Amiga as possible, it should be like a magicians illusion whereby you can't really tell the difference from a usage standpoint.. by all means add optional .adf support for convenience but to me one of the main interactions (and audible aspects) of a classic Amiga was the floppy drive, as bad as it is today take that interaction away and replace it with an SD card and un-Amigalike menu and suddenly it no longer really feels like you're using a classic Amiga. The first thing I did when I bought another Amiga a few years ago was stock up on DD floppy disks.

I don't necessary think you need to use old Amiga cases and keyboards though, maybe it's the fact that I've been a big PC fan for 2 decades and most Amiga cases today look like they've been to hell and back but I'd personally love to see ITX/MATX form factor with support for PC floppy drives, something like the new A1222 motherboard but for classic Amiga. There are plenty of old PC cases knocking around it'd be like having a big box Amiga except the motherboard is tiny, the thing with a good clone though is that unless you open the actual case people should not really be able to easily tell the difference when it comes to using it.

TLDR: The Amiga had a lot of characteristics that need to be carried over in any clone, otherwise you're tearing the heart out of the Amiga. IMO.
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