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Originally Posted by DDNI
£299 for the A500 V2. This V4 will be more expensive.
Why not just buy a Rasp Pi v3 and emulate now for under a £100?[/I]

Originally Posted by wawa View Post
why does that bother you?
One perspective it's now basically something like this:

Sure the V4 has more LE's, but that board is $90. So you're buying €100 worth of hardware with a 250 software license. This doesn't apply to the magic of adding plug in compatibility to the A500/A2000/CDTV. So why not take a cheap off the shelf board and slap the core on it and call it a day. It makes buying a retail copy of Windows seem cheap.

I know classic hardware is expensive and that shouldn't really enter into the discussion, but many people would say if you want to run an Amiga-like system and you care about price, buy a $50 Mac G4 or G5 (or x86) and run MorphOS (or WinUAE) on it which will be many times faster than this.

But if you want to turn your Amiga into a keyboard adapter there's nothing that's going to be faster, aside from putting a Keyrah inside of an Amiga case.
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