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The best thing *IS* an RGB SCART cable...

Here is the scale Best at the top, worst at the bottom for video output from an A500+

1) True RGB SCART cable
2) A520 Modulator Colour Composite Video output
3) A520 Modulator RF output.

if you are getting a poor picture from an RGB SCART cable then

A) the RGB SCART cable is crap / broken / isnt an RGB one.
B) your TV is crap / broken.
C) you Amiga is broken.

I'm betting it's A?

On an A500(+) the RGB SCART cable plugs directly into the Amiga via the video port. It connects where the A520 Modulator would normally go, totally replacing the A520 (the long plastic thing with the RF output at one end). Sometimes they have 2 Phono connectors which go to left and right audio. RGB will be rock solid and sharp, no fuzziness, no ghosting on a standard CRT.

On an A500(+) the Colour Composite Cable (which is just a phono cable, sometimes yellow) plugs into the A520 modulator (on the side) and connects to the TV either via a SCART -> Phono adapter or if you have Phono Jacks on your TV then connected directly. You can have some fuzziness and ghosting with this method.

I recommend you try a colour composite lead for the time being, you probably have all the cables available you need.

If you've tried two RGB cables from two different people (they were different people?) then you have to wonder if there isnt a fault with the video port on your Amiga

Describe how the RGB is WORSE than RF could you?

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