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Staying at high arcade skills I decided to look at project for classic Amiga, it's more than meet the eye. Developer's idea was from his dreams. It's possible that everyone had dream about falling from stairs. Shock and confusion after waking up. I'm medic and have some knowledge - it's not something wrong or epilepsy. Our hero is mouse (some poor pet again) - our task is fall down on lower platforms. To survive we need to use moving platforms. It's a bit tricky - if we stay too long we will die by touching ceiling.
Do everything to jump and survive. You can find items - fruits, cheese or bread. They are for points and highscore. Some items gave as skills - shoe - fast walking, snail - slow walking, wings - slower falling, weight - opposite. 2x - faster game, /2 - slower. There is also rare freeze item only in 2 players mode. Yes, it's possible to play with another player., you need second joystick. 10 levels, each with different color and graphics scheme. If we are good enough game will loop at the end but in hard mode - less platforms to jump. I'm curious if 240 level have any platforms.Downfall have not the best graphics but it's nice to look at it. Mouse, items and platforms are drawn good enough. I'm not satisfied with background gradient effect. I saw better backgrounds in games which required only 512KB, not 1MB. There is also AGA version (look at publisher website) which is great. They softened some objects, more animated colors, tiled backgrounds - everything is much better. Sound - few average quality samples and slightly boring 4 channels music module made with ProTracker. You can swap music file with any. Game have addictive gameplay, you may waste a lot of time. I'm happy that someone still make simple but addictive games for classic Amiga. I'm playing often Downfall on my smartphone using UAE4Droid (reviewed in 10th issue). Grab your joysticks, bye.
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