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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
(Win)UAE debugger is crap (but it isn't unstable)
By unstable, i didn't mean crash, but the windows freezes (can't type anything in the command line) or disappears. Then i relaunch WinUAE and everything is fine. As i said, my install is old and i should update it before crying .

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
it was never meant to be any kind of fully featured m68k debugger.
AFAIK it was originally only made to debug some compatibility problems, show custom chipset etc register contents and other state information, it is do-it-yourself debugger, new option/function is added when needed
As you explain it well, i'm looking for something the WinUAE debugger is not meant to do at his stage of development, until someone add it. In fact, this is the fault of Steem Engine, his debugger is particularly powerful and we are used to it really quickly, so when i go to another debugger (Atari800, WinUAE), i feel very limited.
Anyway, thanks for the debugger, i still use it regularly when i debug on Amiga .
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