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Originally Posted by zenox98 View Post
Ouch! Beware the wrath of Toni
Maybe i should update my WinUAE install by the way, it dates from... 2006? hum...

Here's an excerpt of a subroutine in IDA and it's port in C#. You see, when variables and functions are named, it's not a difficult task. Only few functions uses a crazy amount of jumps, making it difficult to code.

    private void HandleTime () {
      _remainingTimeInTheSecond -= _timeSpeed;
      if (_remainingTimeInTheSecond <= 0) {
        _remainingTimeInTheSecond = 50;
        _stars.CheckFullRowActivated (this);
        if (!Bit7_IsClockPaused) {
          IncrementTimeInPossession ();
        if (_token._heldSpriteIndex != 0)
        DrawStatusRemainingTime ();
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