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First WIP version of my Speedball 2 remake available!

The game launches a demo match (AI vs AI) of Brutal Deluxe versus a random opponent.

You can take control of Brutal Deluxe at any time by moving a player. Then the game stays Human vs AI until the end of the match.
Be aware, the opponent may be highly overpowered (depending on which team you meet).

The match is played in 2 legs. There are no winning or losing screen.

- arrow keys: move the player
- control: joystick button
- left mouse button: pause the game & step by step mode
- right mouse button: unpause game & fast forward mode

- keys may be unresponsive sometimes due to a very basic coding
- only the Atari version is supported right now
- no sound
- .Net Framework v3.5 required to run the game
- the game has mainly been tested AI vs AI (as explained above). I think there are some bugs left when controlling a team (for example, it seems there are sometimes no owned players on screen for several seconds, anyone confirms?)

Source are included. You can use the free Microsoft Visual Studio C# Express to browse or compile the source. No special external libraries are needed.

I'm trying now to incorporate Amiga gfx and sound.

Have fun!

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