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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Even if the screens are IFF, what we see in it seems very advanced for a stock Amiga or CD32.
AFAIK the screenshots are from the CD32 version (rather than the A1200 version) - texture-mapping seems to be quite evident in the screenshots. Here are the preview comments that accompanied the screenshots:

"MAGIC CARPET - Bullfrog

From what we have seen, this is going to be one of the most visually stunning of the first batch of releases for the CD32. This is a shoot-em-up seeing the hero flying on the back of a magic carpet blasting the hell out of everything in his path, a-la Space Harrier. What makes Magic Carpet stand out is the spectacular fractal-based texture-mapped landscapes giving the graphics a stunningly realistic quality.

What makes Magic Carpet different from most of the other CD32 titles is that this game will NOT be released on any non-CD Amiga as it relies heavily on the new Akiko chip for converting PC-style graphics to the Amiga. A few very impressive stills from the game in action can be found on the CD give you a taster of what the action should be like.

Who knows what may have really been possible on the CD32 if devs had actually taken the time to exploit the potential of the Akiko chip. The screenshots are very nicely done in only 256 colours, but you can't really know how advanced the game would have been without seeing the gfx in motion. You may well be right and the plug was pulled on the CD32 version because of speed issues that the Akiko chip couldn't overcome.

I'd be willing to bet more money, though, that C='s bankruptcy in Apr '94 (or months of rumours beforehand) was more of a factor in the CD32 version (or any other Amiga version) being unreleased. Don't forget that game sales on the CD32 were outstripping the more-fancied competing consoles at that particular time, and Bullfrog were highly devoted to the Amiga (Magic Carpet was the first game they released that didn't get a guernsey on the Amiga). As it turned out, the PC version was released in May '94 and was the only computer platform that ever saw a release. Other conversions came later in 1996 on the consoles in the form of PSX and Saturn releases. Definitely needs the aGTW treatment!

Again, I ask you my beloved EAB peeps, Magic Carpet AGA/CD32 - fact or fiction?!

EDIT: Just upped a couple more pics to HOL, which are a little different to the ones in the DBS above. Enjoy!

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