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I'm aware you use Scalos Frog - but is it as a full Workbench replacement? And what version of Scalos do you use? What version of Workbench do you use?

This is using Scalos 1.2d as a full Workbench replacement in Workbench 3.0 using FBlit and the 4.6 Newicons lib (tried HE, ME and LE versions).

It's not so strange considering all the different things you can do to a Workbench install. No two Workbenches are exactly the same! If you don't mind, can you post your Startup-Sequence? I may then be able to figure it out. It may also be a factor of running in WinUAE.

EDIT: Tried on a patch free startup-sequence and the NewIcons still disappear on a Scalos replacement Workbench window running in WinUAE.

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