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Plenty of news to tell over the last few weeks!!

OWB beta version has been relaesed for testing
Project Home Page
Bug Tracker and Download or direct download 0.9.2

follow the progress at

In the process Stanislaw Szymczyk (AROS OWB Porter) has also doen the following work..
  • OpenSSL 0.9.8jCreated a new port based on 0.9.8g port done by Rob Norris.
  • Curl 7.9.12Created a new port based on 7.17.1 port done by Rob Norris.yes
  • Fontconfig 2.6.0Created a new port.yes
  • ICU 4.0.1Created a new port based on 3.8 port done by Rob Norris.yes
  • SDL 1.2.11Created a new port.yes
  • OWB (SVN trunk)Created a new port partially based on AmigaOS4 port done by Jörg Strohmayer.yes

AROS Windows Hosted
Runs aros using the Windows System, (display, filesystem...) Instant boot!!, runs all? i386 aros executables!! (no networking or sound yet)

You have to try this out!!! Latest Downlad download the latest version of the file mingw32-i386-system.

Screenshot1 Screenshot 2

follow the prgress here (aros-exec)
This one i havent tested yet, but is reported to be woprking very well!!

Changes in this version:
- updated to MorphOS sources 2009.02.02
- updated to MPlayer sources 2009.02.25
- enabled support for DVD (free and encrypted)
- created DVD navigation menu
- enabled playlist
- enabled support for network streams
- validated working with many multimedia formats (mp3, mpeg, avi, mov, wmv)
- improved stability

Since there were some fixes applied to AROS during development of this version, it is required to have AROS system files from 2009.02.24 or later.

iMica (AROS Hardware)
ClusterUK is pleased to announce that we are now shipping the VmwAros powered iMica system from 1st March. We held off while network driver was completed and OWB started to ship. Remember profits go into Aros drivers for the unit which will benefit other platforms.

So for a complete working system from £250 goto

UAE Intergration

Janus-UAE 0.2

Version 0.2 of Janus-UAE has been uploaded to AROS archives. If you start it, you'll get an e-uae with picasso96 support for AROS.

also expecting a new version of VmwAros from paolone soon. With OWB and Mplayer set up ready to go!!
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